Delvon M. Arrington has always had a passion for basketball. It started when his Dad handed him a ball as a child, it continued when he was schooled by his older brother on the playgrounds of Hillside, NJ, and culminated in his experiences being taught by his phenomenal high school coach, Bob Hurley Sr., at St. Anthony’s. There was no doubt in his mind what he wanted to do. Delvon has reached great heights in the game. He became a 3 time State Champion in high school, the all time assist leader at Florida State, and played internationally for three different teams.

When the chances to play basketball started to dwindle, Delvon found another passion in teaching/training players. Delvon’s approach is to build confidence through basketball and share what it takes to make it in the game and life, on and off the court. Delvon’s point guard mentality has given him the gift to train players of all ages and abilities. His focus on customizing his workouts to the individual’s needs/desires is what separates him from the pack. His care, concern and follow up with his players are what makes him one of a kind. Now he will be bringing his talents and experience to Randolph starting in the fall of 2016.

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St. Anthony's hs (1994-97)


Florida State University 1998-02


Professional Career (2003-06)


Training and Coaching (2007-current)